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About us

I-Grades is a backing vocal duo of two polish singers, Magda 'Jazzy' Dzięgiel and Basia Miedzińska, working together for last 4 years, providing backing vocals for reggae, hip – hop and r'n'b artists.

They have been working independently since 2005, and joined forces for a hip-hop album Grill-Funk in 2008. Soon after Basia and Magda started working with r'n'b' singer Mrozu, which scored one of the biggest polish hits in 2009. It only took couple of shows to make everybody interested in singing abilities as well as looks and stage presence of two backing singers.

Currently I-Grades are working with three most popular polish reggae artists, Ras Luta, Mesajah and Junior Stress. In 2012 they did two extensive european tours with Fantan Mojah & I–Wayne and with Anthony B, well known jamaican artists. They also cooperate on stage and do studio work, mostly with reggae artists, like: Eastwest Rockers (PL), Natural Dread Killaz (PL) Kamil Bednarek / Starguard Muffin (PL), Anthony B (JA), Fantan Mojah (JA), I-Wayne (JA), House of Riddim (AT), Riddim Bandits (PL), K. Warrior Kużas from Tumbao (PL), G’Ovany (JA), Influential (JA).

Our duo

  • Magda "Jazzy" Dzięgiel

    Harmony Singer

    A vocalist from Wroclaw, she is also an accomplished songwriter and recording artist, well-known for her collaborations with Polish hip-hop artists. For over 15 years she had been refining her vocal techniques under the guidance of a private coach. She has also won many top awards at national sung-poetry festivals. In her spare time, Magda is a fan of Italian cuisine and a devoted cRPG games player.

  • Basia eM Miedzińska

    Harmony singer

    A vocalist from Wroclaw, she comes from a very musical family, growing up having her father as her lifelong singing teacher. The multi-award-winning singer is the product of numerous vocal workshops which later resulted in collaborations on many hip-hop projects. In her spare time, Basia loves cooking and watching football.

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Kuba Łukaszewski

mobile: +48 602 378 130

e-mail: kuba@i-grades.com